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You sign the agreement and only pay for what you require from us

Ideal for companies that:


  • They work with very small teams.
  • Do not have the specific technical knowledge of the activity in the team.
  • The appropriate internal professional is busy performing another priority.
  • They need speed, quality, high performance and the best cost / benefit.

How it works?

Step 1: You have a need, which can be of:


  • Cyber ​​Security.
  • Diagnosis and Risk Analysis.
  • Gap, Implementation and Internal Audit of ISO 27001.
  • Elaboration and Review of Processes, Policies, Norms and Procedures.
  • Business Continuity and BIA.
  • Due Diligence and Risk Assessment in Critical Suppliers.
  • Penetration Test, Scan and Vulnerability Management tests.
  • Analysis and Review of Architectures, Infrastructure Projects.
  • Application / creation of Hardening and Baselines.
  • Review of Firewall Rules.
  • Information Leakage Prevention.
  • Incident Handling.
  • Free Allocation for Undetermined Time

Step 2: You run AuditSafe to explain the activity and discuss the scope. Nothing is charged yet.
Step 3: AuditSafe tells you which specialist will act on the activity, presents the work plan and the number of hours needed to complete it. You make the desired settings and approve.
Step 4: AuditSafe performs and delivers the activity that was approved.
Step 5: Your company makes payment upon completion of the activity.



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