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Risk Assessment, Diagnosis and Maturity Analysis



Information Security Awareness



Penetration Tests (EHT), Vulnerability Management



Body Shop - Staff Loan




NBR ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Implementantion





Our Services

Information Security

- Cyber ​​Security.


- Diagnosis and Risk Analysis.


- Implementation of ISO 27001.


- Awareness and e-learning (EAD).


- Elaboration and Review of Processes, Policies, Norms and Procedures.


- Due Diligence and Risk Assessment in Critical Suppliers.


- Penetration Test.


- Analysis and Review of Architectures and Infrastructure Projects.


- PCI Gap Analysis.


- Secure Systems Development.


- Vulnerability Management.


- Body Shop - Staff Loan.

Business Continuity

- Elaboration and Review of Business Impact Analysis (BIA).


- Implementation of ISO / IEC 22301.


- Definition of Continuity Strategies.


- Exercises, Simulation Tests for Continuity Plans and for Senior Executives.


- Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Response.




Strategic Risks


- Information Technology Master Plan.


- Information Security Management Plan.


- Maturity Analysis of Technology Processes and Information Security.


- System Audits and Information Security.


- Management Systems ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO20000.


- Processes, Frauds and Internal Controls.


- Continuous Audit.


- Contracts and Inventories.


- Structuring of and / or Outsourcing of Internal Audit.


- Quality Assessment of Internal Audit Processes (QA).


- Digital certification:


- Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure (ICP-Brasil).


- Certificação WebTrust.

Corporate Risk Management

- Gap analysis, focusing on ISO 31000.


- Implementation of Corporate Governance.


- Implementation of COSO and Sarbanes-Oxley.


- Compliance Risk Management.


- Support in the structuring of Boards of Directors, Fiscal and Audit Committee.


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