Risk Assessment, Diagnosis and Maturity Analysis

As part of efforts to transform and mature their Information Security practices, companies are demanding to AuditSafe several activities to analyze existing Information Security practices.


In view of this scenario, our objective is to carry out the Analysis of the Maturity Level of Information Security Processes, in order to identify, document and report any inconsistencies with the international minimum standards of internal controls and Information Security desired by its Senior Management.


These results will be used to prepare the Strategic Information Security Strategic Plan to address future actions related to, at a minimum:


  • Review of the processes, policies and activities of Information Security.
  • Preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  • Increase the level of awareness and awareness of employees, through the creation of periodic integration programs.
  • Prevenção ao vazamento de informações e proteção de dados.

Our scope of work includes 25 (twenty-five) processes, divided into the following 6 (six) knowledge domains in Information Security.


AuditSafe's approach foresees the maturity analysis of knowledge domains related to Information Security and the proposition of an executive action plan to improve and increase the maturity of the processes diagnosed.

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