Information Security Awareness

As part of efforts to transform and mature Information Security practices, AuditSafe has a vast catalog of Security Awareness items and actions of its choice, which can be applied, in a specific project or on demand, to different audiences companies.


The materials include: animation videos with instructive contents regarding information security suggestion of creation of new arts for application on computer wallpapers and elaboration of screensavers. It includes dynamic activities in common areas of the company, involving the participation of actors, development of illustrative materials and preparation of ceremonial for specific events of the program.


Information Security e-learning

Its e-learning material and contents are highlighted, as shown in the figures below, aimed at executives and users, addressing the main concerns regarding leak prevention and general information security care.

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E-learning Platform

In addition to content, AuditSafe has its own platform for hosting e-learnings, if your company does not have an internal one. It is possible to make the complete management of the evolution of the training, identifying, per user, the progress, evolution of the learning and averages of the final questionnaire of the course.

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